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How Much Will My Attorney Cost Me?

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You should not have to pay any attorney fees out of Your pocket. Virtually all collection attorneys accept cases on a ‘contingency fee basis’. A ‘contingency fee’ means that the fee the attorney receives depends entirely upon the attorney getting You a recovery. You only pay if he or she succeeds in getting You money (or getting You something of value). It also means that if there is no recovery, You owe no attorney fee whatsoever. For example, if Your attorney recovers $150,000.00, then he or she would take the agreed upon percentage of this gross recovery. If, on the other hand, Your attorney spends significant time and effort on Your case and there is no recovery, then You owe no attorney fees whatsoever for his or her services.

The Contingency Fee percentage Your attorney will charge You depends on the state in which You live. State laws differ, bar rules differ, the practice in states vary from one to the next. The range of percentages runs from 25% to 50% depending on the facts of your particular case. Whatever the percentage is, You should insist it be put in writing in a fee agreement signed by You and the lawyer or law firm. This is the way it is done by good, honest and ethical lawyers.

Remember, no matter what the contingency fee percentage, you want the very best lawyer, not the K-Mart special who will settle your case for less than it is worth. In life, You get what You pay for. Quality attorneys require the going rate and do not discount.


The attorney fee is very different than the expenses of litigation. The expenses of litigation include investigators, graphic exhibits, medical records fees, expert fees, filing fees, deposition fees, etc. Expenses in collection cases are normally very small. We can control the expenses of each case by reviewing them, and giving the client pre-approval over all expenses over $250.00.

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