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Why Should I Use a Collection Attorney instead of a Collection Agency?

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Good Question! It has been proven time and time again that an attorney has more clout with debtors and therefore more success in recovery.

Ask yourself, if you were a debtor would you pay more attention to a law firm that sends you copies of your evidence of indebtedness and a draft lawsuit or an annoying call from collection agency? Who would you believe the debtor will pay quicker?

Attorneys who concentrate on the collection of delinquent accounts are invaluable resources for any business. We believe attorneys collect the accounts more successfully because people respond more quickly to action (a lawsuit) than to threat of action (a call from a bill collector).

Another benefit of hiring an attorney is that we strive to promote amicable agreements between our clients and debtors. Not every debtor is a deadbeat, and we do not treat them like one until it becomes absolutely necessary. Allowing you and the debtor to maintain a business relationship with the understanding that you mean business and will expect to get paid or take appropriate action may prove more beneficial to your business. By hiring a collection agency you may well be burning the bridge with that customer. We place great importance on salvaging relationships that may have otherwise been terminated.

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