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Good Debt Collection Case Indicators

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Good Debt Collection Case Indicators Include:
  • A promissory note or contract signed by the debtor.
  • A written admission (fax, e-mail or letter) by the debtor that they do in fact owe you the money.
  • Any other type of written verification from the debtor acknowledging the debt owed.
  • A written contract that has a provision for attorney fees.
  • The Debtor has the money to pay the amount owed.

These are only some of the major indicators of good cases. If You donít have these factors, donít be discouraged. This is not, by any means, an exhaustive list. There is every possibility Your case may still be a great one even if You donít see any of the factors here. Only a close examination of Your case by a trained and qualified lawyer will determine the chances for getting your money back.

If You want us to consider Your case, we would be glad to receive Your Free Case Evaluation Form.

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