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How Will My Lawyer Treat Me?

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You want your lawyer to treat you with respect.

You want reasonable communication response time. You want to be able to receive a return phone call (or email) within 48 hours (or to have someone call you and explain why she or he is unavailable and when she or he will be available).

You want complete honesty from your lawyer. You want a lawyer who only works with the absolute truth and constantly searches for the truth whether that truth is good or bad for your case. Only by knowing the absolute truth can your lawyer best serve you.

You want to be copied on all important papers.

You want your lawyer to tell it like it is, rather than how you want it to be.

You want your lawyer to be completely ethical in the prosecution of your case, in dealing with the other side, and in dealing with you. Contrary to popular belief, unethical lawyers are bad for everyone involved. They do not get better results.

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